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How We Make Sure Clients are Eating Well to Stay Healthy

By Jeffery Swain, President

Part of our role as caregivers is to make sure the people in our care are eating nutritious meals and drinking enough healthy fluids. 

As February is Heart Month and March is Nutrition and Diabetes Month, we work with clients to prepare meals they like and that are good for them. 

How do we know? 

Because we ask.

When we first meet a new client, we talk about their favorite foods.

Do they like to cook or help in the kitchen to prepare a meal?

Are there food choices based on dietary restrictions, or cultural or religious practices?

Is chewing and swallowing an issue?

We ask about family food traditions, such as special holiday meals, or what they like to serve when guests come over.

These questions help our clients feel “like the boss,” and empowered to live on their own, with the help they may need.

For many people we collaborate to plan meals for the week. Our caregivers take clients to the grocery store if they wish. It is a nice way to get out of the house and socialize together also.

We ask, “What would you like for dinner today?” We know client Hank likes fresh fish, especially salmon.

Betsy says her mom, Glenna, was always a good cook and kept an immaculate kitchen. Now Glenna appreciates the way our caregivers cook and serve for her and husband, Herb.

Once we understand food preferences, we train our caregivers to keep a nutritional diary and to make sure our clients are eating a healthy and balanced diet that includes favorite foods and snacks.

We want to know if the client is drinking enough fluids during the day to prevent dehydration.

If medications are to be taken with food, we observe and track that the client is taking the right medications at the right time.

Our caregivers can help with cutting food into smaller bites if needed.

Food is love,” and “You are what you eat.

Our Homewatch CareGivers team wants you to have peace of mind that your parents are well nourished while under our care.