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Silver Spring Rockville, Potomac, and Montgomery County

The day I decided to start a home care agency was scary. I was leaving an executive position with GE Health Care Finance Division and jumping into the abyss. I only had commercial banking management experience with no health care background to draw from. My father was a family doctor and I remember going on house calls with him when I was a little girl. I know I enjoyed working with people and wanted to be in the service industry to give back and support others. My father suffered a heart attack at 84 and developed Alzheimer’s along the way. We had 24 hour care so he could stay at home as long as possible.

I remember when I worked at GE had to inspect assisted living facilities as part of the job. While I enjoyed the real estate aspect, I found myself profoundly affected and drawn to the dementia/Alzheimer units of these facilities. I experienced a personal connection with their residents because they reminded of my Dad. I knew at that moment I would be changing course and starting a home care agency so I could continue to have a positive impact on the lives of those in need.