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Bethlehem Allentown, Easton and Surrounding Areas

Caregivers are really care partners for our clients at Homewatch CareGivers in the Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley area. This means that both the caregiver and the care receiver have something to learn in the relationship and an opportunity to grow together. We know that our clients have much to give and teach people in their community, just as our caregivers can provide needed services.

Always Caring

Our caregivers can tell you what it’s like to work at Homewatch CareGivers in Bethlehem.

Caregiving literally began at home for Nikeda Campbell. Her family took in a homeless man from Philadelphia who is learning disabled. “We help him with everything; clothing, shopping, bathing, “she says. “Even though he needs someone to care for him, he is still a person. We treat each other with mutual respect and share love like we are a true family. We do everything together, holidays, vacations. He is another family member. I think he is the reason why I have such a deep compassion and empathy for my clients.”

Nikeda, 37, is our lead caregiver, so she serves as a mentor to others as they train.

“What I love about my work is getting to know those who I am working with, clients, coworkers, client’s families--all about them, lifestyles, personalities, experiences,” she shares. “The more you take care of someone the more you learn to appreciate someone and their life experiences and appreciate their outlook of life.”

And she likes to feel recognized for her work—both in having a flexible schedule, getting the hours she needs and expressed gratitude. “The clients call the office and say how great that I was and they say how much they loved having me,” Nikeda says. “The office always calls to tell me the stories after the client’s call.”

Home Health Aide Nicole Benitez, 23, absolutely loves to make a difference in the lives of others.

“I was once feeding a client who was unable to feed herself and she kept apologizing to me,” Nicole explains. “I sat down and we talked for a while. I was able to explain to my client that this was part of my job and that I was happy to help her. After talking, she felt better and I was able to change her thinking about needing help from caregivers. I felt rewarded knowing that I made that difference.”

When it comes to recognizing people’s unique needs, that extends to our caregivers too. For Nicole, schedule flexibility means she can also pursue her health care education and career. “Having this job helps me have time to work while going to nursing school,” she says. “The care coordinators always think of me to fill shifts and get me extra hours.”

All caregivers can be part of the company’s token reward program which recognizes them for exceptional work with clients; tokens are traded in for gift cards. “The office staff and the owners continuously recognize how well I am doing when I come into the office or they call me.”