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A lot of elderly people in Roswell, GA who have diabetes find self-care rather challenging. Fortunately, professionals such as Home watch Care Givers of North Atlanta can be trusted to provide the level of care people with diabetes need. Here are some of the things these experts can address.

Dietary Needs

The primary concern in home health care for diabetes sufferers is the patient’s ability to meet dietary requirements as well as manage blood sugar levels. Diabetes limits the body’s ability to convert sugar into energy for cellular use. This results in high blood sugar, which can be damaging to the eyes and kidneys. Such a condition can even result in heart disease and prove fatal. The diet of a person with diabetes must, therefore, be adjusted and monitored accordingly to control the amount of glucose in a person’s blood. Someone who is knowledgeable in meal preparation is exactly what a senior with diabetes needs, especially if children or other capable loved ones cannot provide care on a full-time basis. Additionally, the right diet can help diabetics lose weight and keep their blood sugar levels to within manageable levels.

Regular Testing

Apart from preparing nutritionally balanced meals that are low on the glycemic index, a home health care expert has other duties as well. Regular blood testing, for instance, also needs to be done to see whether the patient’s blood sugar levels are still within the desired range. Accurate readings conducted with utmost regularity can help people plan their approach to diabetes.

Exercise Therapy

A home health care practitioner also undergoes training on how to help manage diabetes through regular aerobic exercise, which helps increases blood circulation and promotes weight loss, factors that can help a person’s blood sugar levels. Too much of a good thing can be bad, however. Excessive exercise can lower a diabetic’s glucose levels beyond the optimal range, so a balance needs to be struck, something that home care experts know how to do.

Experts Know How to Care

Diabetes is a difficult condition to live with. Fortunately, with the help of experts, you can still live a full life.


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