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You've managed to stave off a host of infections all these years, so you take your immune system for granted-that is, until you succumb to all manner of germs and viruses in your surroundings. If you or someone close to you is particularly vulnerable to infection as a result of a weakened immune system, then you might want to consider professional home health care that takes every patient's fragile condition into account.

Here is some background information on what you can expect.

Causes and Symptoms

A lot of things can deliver a blow to the immune system. Chemotherapy is one such factor. The process that is meant to kill cancer cells may also damage the surrounding healthy cells, especially those that protect your body. Yet another reason is damage to your bone marrow, the source of white blood cells that your body needs to fight off infections.

Whatever the reason for the weakened immune system, certain symptoms may prove rather indicative. Constant coughs and easy fatigue are usual signs, but there are more. For instance, if the patient often catches diseases and has a hard time recovering, that could be a tell tale sign. Without the proper care, even harmless diseases like the simple cold may prove fatal.

Special Treatment

A loved one who suffers from an immunodeficiency problem will require special attention. This is to ensure that they aren't put in danger of infection. On your part, you can follow a few practices. For example, you'll need to feed your loved one a balanced and nutritious diet that strengthens the body's defenses against infection.

Aside from dietary concerns, you should also pay attention to hygiene. Poor sanitation, after all, allows harmful germs to thrive and possibly invade the body. This is why you'll want a caregiver who knows how to bathe elderly sufferers of immunodeficiency problems. Additional concerns include keeping all surroundings clean while disinfecting any possible source of infection within the area.

Let Professionals Handle It

Caring for a loved one whose immune system is compromised may prove rewarding, but it can also be time consuming. This is why you'll want to entrust the job to providers like Home watch CareGivers of North Atlanta who can reduce your worries and give your loved one the professional care and attention he or she deserves.


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