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In Roswell, GA, 7.5 percent of the population is composed of people age 65 and older, a number that’s expected to rise in the next few years. Unfortunately, this means a growing number of persons who are more vulnerable to dementia. These people would greatly benefit from professional home health care.

The Alzheimer’s Association defines dementia as a general term used for describing a wide array of symptoms of mental ability decline. Dementia is distinct from memory issues that come with aging, and the main difference is in the severity of the decline. In dementia cases, the deterioration brings with it significant changes in behavior and personality. For a case to be classified as dementia, there should be considerable impairment in two or more of these core mental functions: memory, communication and language, ability to focus, visual perception, and reasoning and judgment.

Dementia develops from different causes, which define the disease’s different types, as follows:

Alzheimer’s Disease. Healthline indicates that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) accounts for about 60-80 percent of dementia cases, making it the most common type. The early signs include depression and memory issues that usually appear mild at the start and gradually worsens. AD causes changes in the chemistry of a person’s brain. As this happens, the person experiences mood changes and confusion. Problems with speaking and walking also occur.

Vascular Dementia. The second most common type is vascular dementia (VD), which is caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain. This may happen as a person ages or after a stroke. Heart disease also increases the risk for VD.

Lewy Body Dementia. Protein deposits in nerve cells cause Lewy Body Dementia. The deposits interrupt chemical messages between brain cells, leading to compromised brain functions.

Parkinson’s Disease. Advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease often lead to dementia. An affected person shows problems with judgment and reasoning, and sometimes, irritability.

The above are just some of the common types of dementia. Many other conditions may also lead to dementia, but certain factors, such as substance abuse, can also cause the disease.

The severity of dementia causes difficulty in proper functioning, and even the simplest of daily tasks become difficult. Since there is no proven cure for this condition yet, families of those afflicted should consider getting home health services for their loved ones. Dementia care providers from trusted company like Homewatch Caregivers of North Atlanta have been specifically trained to give the kind of care dementia patients need.


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