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Florence And Surrounding Areas

what is home care

At Homewatch CareGivers of Florence and the Quad Cities of North West Alabama we understand that confusion exists as to the difference between home "health" and home "care." A sixth grader would say that home health involves medical care provided by licensed professionals, such as a registered nurse, or physical therapist and is a service typically covered by one's medical insurance. Home care refers to "supportive" care, such as bathing/dressing, housekeeping and/or transportation to name a few.

Steven H. Landers, M.D. of the Cleveland Clinic wrote that home-based care for seniors is “imperative.” He also wrote that health care organizations that do not adapt to the home care imperative risk becoming irrelevant. Dr. Landers cites oxygen as an example of advances in portable medical technology and infusion therapies as examples of care that is less expensive than and as equally effective as institutional care. He also notes that more than 70 million Americans will be age 65-plus by 2030. (Landers, S. “Why Health Care Is Going Home,” New England Journal of Medicine, October 20, 2010.)

Home care, is beneficial to those individuals who are having difficulty performing various activities of daily living. They may need help with cleaning their house and with laundry. Transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, obtaining groceries, or for running errands is of benefit when a person no longer is able to drive.

Home health, is required under doctor’s orders when a person has had a recent inpatient stay at a hospital, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing facility. Home health can also benefit those who have had recent medication changes and are in need of education related to potential side effects and monitored to ensure the medication is effective

To achieve successful patient outcomes the home Health and Care team teams work together to select and reinforce all segments of the plan of care.