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Huntsville Madison County, Decatur, and Northern Alabama


Caregivers are either CNA’S (Certified Nurse Aides) or PCPs (Personal Care Providers). Caregivers must be reliable, dependable, honest, and caring. Caregivers are not allowed to smoke in clients’ homes and must have their own transportation. Some may need to take clients to appointments or run errands. This will require them to possess a valid driver’s license and to have current automobile insurance. Caregivers must be observant enough to recognize changes in their clients, and be capable of alerting the appropriate personnel when necessary. Nature of job: Caregivers provide paraprofessional services to the agency’s home care clients, as assessed in the care plan and in compliance with the client’s Service Agreement.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: 1. Experience as a caregiver in a home care setting or skilled facility. 2. Must meet hiring criteria as defined in the agency’s minimum standards. 3. Must be able to function with minimal supervision, accepting personal responsibility for maintaining a professional relationship with the client. 4. Must accept responsibility for maintaining skills and learning on an ongoing basis, as well as adhering to agency policies. Physical Qualifications: 1. Able to work an average of 20-40 hours per week. 2. Able to bend, climb, stoop, and stand an average of 5 hours per day. 3. Able to lift 20-30 pounds. 4. Able to use tools necessary for job. 5. Able to communicate effectively. Additional Qualifications: Must pass a Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening test.


Homewatch CareGivers Job Opportunities

Home care jobs are available for those compassionate individuals looking to make a profound difference in the lives of our clients through caregiving. Our professionally developed training platform through Homewatch CareGivers University provides the knowledge and skills required to deliver the premier quality of home care services that has become the Homewatch CareGivers standard.
“When you work a job of joy, you don’t work a day in your life.”
-Beryl Clark, Homewatch CareGivers

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