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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “My home care service is excellent. My primary care giver is Katy and for me to rate her accurately you would have to supply me with more stars. She is sensitive, knowledgeable and polite. I am wheelchair bound but Katy helps me stand and take several steps. Every time we do this I take a few more steps, we do this while Katy holds me securely with a gate belt and keeps my wheelchair directly behind me. She helps me shower,dress, and use the lavatory daily without incidents”
    - Raymond Giovannelli
  • “I wanted to thank you and Pam for the Christmas gift! I appreciated very much the card really help me a lot when I came to work yesterday I did not have gas in my car! I thank you both! You very kind!”
    - Maria-Caregiver
  • “Homewatch CareGivers takes good care of my dad. He really likes their cooking, which makes it easy on me.”
    - Tamara
  • “Where do I start? Great communication, flexibility, caregiver experience and most of all- they actually care. We've used them for about 5-6 months for the care of my Dad and it's been such a blessing to know that they will do whatever is necessary to make sure he is well taken care of. If you are looking for a company to offer exceptional service as well as that human touch then look no further than Homewatch Caregivers.”
    - Karen