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Talking with Your Loved Ones about Home Care This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time for us to get together with our family, sometimes for the first time in many months or years. When you finally do go home for the holidays, it can be a big shock if you discover that your parents or other loved ones have suffered a slight or even serious decline during that time.

Age often brings with it unpleasant side effects, such as difficulty keeping clean, struggling with meals, or being unable or unwilling to drive. This can lead to a significant loss in quality of life, and significant loneliness if your aging parents are too embarrassed to have friends over.

If you come home from the holidays and notice changes like poor hygiene, lack of proper meals, or an inability to drive, you may want to have a gentle conversation with your loved ones about the benefits of home care.

Broaching the topic

Your parents may be sensitive about their current situation, or worried that bringing in someone could mean the end of their independence. If they seem reluctant to give it a try, a good way to approach the subject is to talk about the advantages.

If it is the desire of your loved one to age safely in their own home, hiring a professional caregiver can help them to do so. They can continue to enjoy their same routines, but with the difference of an extra pair of hands to help do the shopping, prepare a meal, or get them cleaned up and looking their best.

They may discover that their new caregiver matches their personality perfectly, and as a result, may want more help as they realize how much easier it is to see their friends if they have a helping hand to assist them.

Suggest they start small

If they’re worried about an invasion of privacy or that they won’t like having home care, suggest that they bring in a caregiver for a short amount of time at first to see if they like it. This will give them a chance to dip their toes in while still having plenty of privacy, and they can always add more hours if they find having home help useful.

Ask that they do it for you

It’s probably no secret that as your parents age, you worry about them. It’s also no secret that your parents are probably willing to do almost anything for your sake. Let them know how much peace of mind a caregiver will bring to you, and how much you worry about them.

While they may not be concerned about themself, they may be willing to try a caregiver if they think it will make you feel at ease.

Suggesting a caregiver can be a sensitive subject, but it can also have huge benefits for your parents. If you’re worried about them, especially if you don’t live nearby, don’t be afraid to state your case about why they should at least try a caregiver. It’s likely that once they discover how much more comfortable their life is with a little help, they’ll be glad you made the suggestion.

For more information, or for a free in-home consultation, contact the experienced caregivers at Homewatch CareGivers of Overland Park today.

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