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Celebrating the Caregiver During the Holidays

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If you have a friend or family member who spends the majority of their time providing care to others, then you know that what they probably look forward to the most during the holiday season – is time off. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as often as it should. So, guarantee a gift of rest and relaxation by checking out some recommendations that we have to help you show your gratitude to that very important caregiver in your life. At the very least, these items should give you a few great ideas!

Relieve Fatigue This Holiday Season

Help the caregiver in your life by helping them help themselves. If there is one thing that plagues every family caregiver, it is fatigue. Help them fight it off by ensuring that they stay completely hydrated at all times. A nifty travel mug or insulated water bottle will ensure that not only are they saving the planet and living greener, but they also have the ability to keep fresh water with them for whenever they need it.

Another way to help relieve fatigue this holiday season is to purchase them a gift card to an amazing shoe store. Here’s the deal – caregivers spend a lot of time on their feet and straining their backs. Just like nurses in a hospital, they deserve to be supported with a great pair of shoes. The kind that will last all year and help prevent damage to the ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Provide Comfort This Holiday Season

You know the caregiver in your life, you know what they complain about, what their deepest wishes are… okay, maybe you don’t know. But you do know that everyone loves a great massage! Help provide some comfort and relaxation this holiday season by purchasing the caregiver in your life a massage gift certificate! Double it up with some time off, and pay for a caregiving agency like Homewatch CareGivers to come in and provide some in-home assistance so that your loved one is taken care of and the caregiver in your life can feel good about getting a massage, or just a well-needed nap.

Give The Gift of a Good Nights Rest

If there’s one thing we know, it is that like caring for a new child, caregiving can often mean that sleep doesn’t happen on a regular schedule. This Christmas give the caregiver in your life the gift of a good night’s rest by providing them with a sleeping kit! Include some sleeping eye masks, a weighted blanket, and some black-out curtains and even a white noise machine. It will be the gift that keeps on giving all through the year and beyond.

If you want to top that gift off, consider calling a home care agency like Homewatch CareGivers of Sterling for in-home help. We have professional assistance that is designed specifically so that family caregivers can have their rest, and loved ones can still be cared for throughout the evening. Let’s face it – we all need our sleep!

Dont Forget

At Homewatch CareGivers of Sterling, we’re here for you. You would be surprised at how much caregiving has changed in the last few years! There are so many options to fit a variety of budgets. Our professional staff is always here to help, with a full range of in-home services to choose from! Call today to learn more about the options you and your loved one have during the holidays!

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