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5 Heart Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

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The miracle of modern medicine is truly awesome. In today’s day and age, we have learned more about the human body than we ever thought possible. We are curing diseases and living longer than we ever have before. The benefit of all this knowledge and information is that we now know more about how to stay healthy. This information can keep us out of the hospital and in control of our own future for longer! If you’re interested in how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during holidays like Valentine's Day (when you may be tempted to eat every heart-shaped cookie and chocolate out there,) then read on my friend!

1. Giving Back to Others During Valentine's Day

Staying healthy and protecting your heart can include diet and exercise, but another important aspect is stress release. Take your valentine to a volunteer event at a local charity. When you volunteer, it produces an amazing amount of health benefits, including mood boosting chemicals that make you happy AND reduce stress. Not only will you feel better, healthier, and more vibrant, but you’ll be helping others enjoy a better Valentine’s Day.

2. Stress-Free Social Hour

Remember that something as simple as having your hair done or taking a trip to the barber shop can provide some serious stress release. Schedule a stress-free social hour with your loved one, sit down and be pampered at a spa, then enjoy a leisurely walk and do some window shopping together. The exercise will be great for your heart!

3. Learn Something Together

Relieving stress, staying social, and keeping your brain active are all important aspects of heart health. So this Valentine’s Day, why not give your loved one the gift of a cooking class? Try learning how to make heart-healthy cuisine together and then enjoy a weekly date where you try out new recipes! There’s nothing more romantic than breaking bread together and you’ll be learning something new to boot. Best. Gift. Ever.

4. Speaking of Learning

Why not take advantage of physical activity and give your loved one the gift of dancing classes? Continuing to move and get your blood pumping is super healthy for your heart. Dancing is fun and is a way to exercise that doesn’t feel like exercising. Going to a local dance class together will not only keep your heart healthy, but also give you a chance to bond and fall in love all over again. And you might even learn some new moves along the way!

5. Traditional Chocolate?

Well, maybe not traditional. Instead of milk chocolate, try giving your loved one a dark chocolate candy box! There’s less sugar in dark chocolate, and believe it or not, it contains flavonoids that actually lower blood pressure and help to prevent clotting or inflammation of blood vessels. You’ll be protecting your loved one’s heart, and giving them a traditional gift that they love all at the same time!

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