Care for All Ages

In-Home Child Care

Services & Support for All Ages

We know how much you would love to stay home with your sick child, bedridden spouse, or recovering father, but your schedule may not allow for it. Homewatch CareGivers® is here to offer a helping hand with our affordable care services customized for people of all ages. Our highly qualified caregivers are bonded and insured, and they’ve passed extensive background checks annually to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable leaving them in charge of your loved ones.

Our child care services include caring for children who cannot care for themselves in the event you find yourself without other options. If you find yourself up against a last-minute schedule change, a sick child when you have to go to work, or your regular care provider is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, we can help. Our team believes in the importance of strong relationships, so we do our very best to match the personality and strengths of the caregiver to the specific circumstances of the child for optimal results.

Prenatal & Postnatal Care

If your doctor has limited your activities or required you to be on bed rest during your pregnancy or if you are experiencing complications after childbirth, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Homewatch CareGivers can help make day-to-day tasks easier.

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    - Margaret J.

  • “The training from Homewatch CareGivers was helpful for me ...”

    - John K.

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We provide assistance with things like:

  • Housekeeping chores
  • Daily living activities
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Watching your newborn or other children

Finding someone you trust to care for your little one isn’t always easy—especially when you hadn’t planned on needing a caregiver. Our team is made up of compassionate and trained care professionals who will make sure everyone's experience is enriching and enjoyable. In fact, many of our caregivers have children and grandchildren of their own, giving them personal, hands-on experience in addition to their extensive childcare training.