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Grand Rapids and Greater Kent County


Getting Started

We are available
24 hours a day,
7 days a week

Call us at 616-975-1980

At Homewatch CareGivers of Grand Rapids, we take caring for your loved one seriously. We staff our phones 24/7 so that we can evaluate the needs of new clients immediately. There’s no waiting because by the time you call us, things are typically in an urgent stage. 

Email Us

We monitor our emails 7 days a week. You can expect a reply within 1 hour or less.

Immediate Care, No Matter Where You Are

We staff appropriately so we can begin caring for your loved one immediately, if needed.


Evaluating Our Care and Your Needs

We come to you and create a custom plan

Scheduling the Evaluation

We always begin a new client relationship by completing our evaluation and plan of care. This is a very in-depth process, and helps to ensure the best care possible. It includes a social history, risk assessment, a medication list, a safety evaluation, an emergency preparedness plan, and a review of the client’s care needs.

Last Memorial Day we received a call for care. We went to evaluate the client that day and started caring for her that evening. We made it work because we knew how important it was to the family.  

Creating a Care Plan

We begin creating a care plan by first learning about your loved one’s family history, enjoyed social activities, medication regimen, medical history, and their unique wants & needs. This information is used to begin our caregiver matching process, making sure your loved one’s requirements are an excellent fit with their caregiver. We also conduct a thorough fall-risk assessment of your loved one’s home.


Partnering in Care

We provide weekly progress and listen to feedback

Care Progress Reviews

We can share with you weekly notes about your loved one’s status and weekly activities.

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

Family communication is usually a critical way to meet our clients' expectations. Staying on top of changing social schedules, running necessary errands, sharing notes from doctor’s visits, and communicating about your loved one’s general well-being are all important components to family communication.

How are We Doing?

We will ask you from time to time for feedback. It is the only way to make certain we are continuing to deliver the quality care you expect from us. Quality Assurance visits and occasional phone surveys are two ways we stay on top of things.