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Sitting on a shelf next to our mantle in my childhood home in Galena, Ohio, sits a picture of my grandfather and older brother from 1997. In the photo, my grandfather is squatting beside my brother with a proud grin. This is the same man who raised my father and helped give my grandmother and aunts the life they deserved. One full of happiness, free spirits, and compassion. The same man who put his children through school in Pakistan. The same man who created and nurtured a home he loved and loved back. The same man who needed our help in return as he aged.

Time passed, and my father, Nayyer Jafri, and my mother, Iram Jafri, moved to Ohio to raise their family. A few more years passed, and my grandparents also moved in with us. It was a blessing to have our grandparents, my father’s parents, live with us as a child. They helped care for my two brothers and me when our parents were away at work. They cooked our meals, read our stories, and played scrabble while we were young. It kept the house busy, exciting, and, most of all, loving. More time passed, my brothers and I started to leave for college one after another, my parents kept busy with work and growing great roots in their community, and my grandparents lived a peaceful retired life with their family.

As the years rolled by, my grandfather slowly started to develop signs of dementia. He started getting lost on his walks in the neighborhood, forgetting what country he lived in and occasionally forgetting our names. We knew he needed extra help and help at the home that he had worked so hard to create, nurture, and be around the family he loved dearly.

In our family and Homewatch Caregivers, we believe that true serenity and security are found in your home. That’s why we believe that people like my grandfather can stay in the comfort of their homes while having the high-quality help they need come to them. Whether it be assistance for clients with dementia, chronic illness, pre or post-operative care, rehabilitation, or after a stroke, we are here to help.

At Homewatch CareGivers, we understand how important it is to provide the utmost quality care for your loved ones. When thinking about the care we provide, we often ask ourselves, “Is this the kind of care we’d want to be provided to our grandparents?” If the answer isn’t yes, then we energetically find ways to ensure that it not only meets that standard but exceeds it.

We are committed to providing compassionate, professional in-home care services to all people, taking time to make sure that your loved ones receive the same level of care that we would want our loved ones to receive.

Homewatch CareGivers

Providing the highest quality of care at an affordable cost. Our local caregivers are trained, background-checked, insured, and bonded. This is our promise to you.

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