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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “Pricilla was by far the best caregiver we have had the pleasure of working with. After numerous caregivers from a previous company it was a breath fresh air having her care for my grandmother. I no longer worried about having an unskilled caregiver in her home. She had never looked better and CLEANER as she had when Pricilla was taking care of her. She was by far my Grandmothers favorite caregiver. Wish we could have her back.”
    - Sarah Welch
  • “I used this company for my grandmother. She absolutely loves it. This is a great company that I would recommend to anyone. Lexi Houser does a great job taking care of her clients!”
    - Kylee
  • “I use this company for my grandmother, she absolutely loves it. This is a great company that I would recommend to anyone. Lexi Houser does a great job taking care of her clients!”
    - Kylee Walker
  • “Kayla is the most compassionate care giver we have ever had. Her knowledge and extraordinary caring personality is outstanding. I would recommend her and this company to anyone needing care. Claude Bianco”
    - Claude j Bianco
  • “Our caregiver Kayla is the most kindhearted person you could ever meet. Her compassion and knowledge is. extraordinary. The personnel and staff are always on point.. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that needs help.”
    - Claude j Bianco
  • “Whenever I call and ask for help you are always there. You are very polite and very helpful. I'm very happy.”
    - Herbert T.
  • “We have Homewatch CareGivers of Yuma for my husband. I have night caregivers and I take care of him during the day. I have the girls come in about 10:30 at night, one girl for four days, one girl for three days, and they're usually gone by 8:30 in the morning. It's a 10-hour shift. They're both very good, one is Terry, one is Susan. They take really good care of him, and I feel completely at ease with them. I spoke with them and told them what I wanted and they were obliging to me. I told them that I needed someone at night like 10:30 when he goes to bed and someone to help me get him up in the morning. They're here all night long if he has to go to the bathroom and whatever he needs. They make sure that he's clean if he has to go to the bathroom, they're very patient with him, and they keep him very tidy. I'm perfectly happy with them. We don't have any problem having communication with them at all. They're very good about sharing and talking. We have not had an issue. They've done a wonderful job of helping me. They show up on time. He is quite fond of them. They're very good with him. "What do you need, what do you want, what can we do for you." I truly appreciate them. They've done a wonderful job. They've been very patient with me and with him. They are gentle, not pushy or mouthy. I don't have anything bad to say about them at all. Anything that I ask, they're OK with it. I don't have any problems with them in that direction at all. They're clean, and they're dressed in scrubs. They do their job well. You can feel perfectly comfortable and safe with them. They're very obliging and they're all good. They deserve to get some credit for what they do because they've done a wonderful job. They're excellent with my husband, and he appreciates both of them.”
    - Terry
  • “Great company , Tiarra is doing a great Job !”
    - Mary Ryan