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  • Human Resource Manager/Training Manager

    Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor

    Job Description

    Company Overview

    In 1980, Homewatch CareGivers established its mission to preserve dignity, protect independence, and provide peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones by providing exceptional home care. By delivering high-quality caregiver services, Homewatch CareGivers helps improve the quality of life for those in our communities as well as provide meaningful employment opportunities. We offer employees a strong family-oriented culture and professional, accredited training that addresses relevant health and wellness issues. Homewatch CareGivers welcomes individuals into our family who are eager to continually learn in order to best serve customers’ evolving needs, and who demonstrate the passion for connecting people to the quality services they deserve.

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    Role: The LPN/Human Resource Manager supervises personal care cases when it requires a higher level of expertise than the regular staff can accommodate. The LPN also provides training for staff (including orientation), Caregivers, and Clients on a regular schedule and when called to do so.

    Scope Of Position: Reports to the Director of Client Services

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

Staff development, home care or home health experience preferred. CPR Instructor-Certified helpful but not required.  License clear of infractions required.  Experience in geriatrics is preferred, cardiac, pulmonary and life-altering physical and mental diseases is also preferred.

  1. Conveys professionalism with Homewatch CareGivers clients, their families and referral sources
  2. Must maintain skills and learning on an ongoing basis, as well as adhering to Homewatch CareGivers, local, state and federal policies
  3. Has background in managing other heath care professionals
  4. Must be able to function with minimal supervision, multi-task, problem solve and make decisions on a timely basis
  5. Must have knowledge and be able to train, supervise and validate skills required of caregiving staff such as: 

Exercising, Feeding, Finger and Nail Care, Foot care, Shaving, Transfers, Walker Assistance, Wheelchair assistance, Vital Signs, Monitoring Blood Glucose, Catheter Care, Monitor Intake/Output, Non-Sterile Dressing Changes, Oxygen Care, Perineal Care, Basic Wound Care, Basic Skin Care, Medication Dispensing, Nebulizer Treatments, G-Tube Care, Turning and Positioning and Toileting with Bedpan, Commode and Urinal.  

  1. Must pass all background screening with satisfactory results
  2. Software experience with word, excel and other application

Major Responsibilities

The LPN on staff manages client services, provides supervision and training for all home care service staff, and is responsible for:

  1. Ensures that all caregivers receive on-the-job training as needed for specific clients including onboarding
  2. Participates in ongoing training for caregivers during their employment with Homewatch CareGivers
  3. Meets with new and prospective clients and performs an assessment of service needs
  4. Creates a Care Plan for all new clients after assessment and updates Care Plans as needed
  5. Reviews charting in spirals and companion charts for clients monthly
  6. Meets with clients after service has started to ensure quality care
  7. Communicates with case managers, caregivers, office staff, clients, family members, and othermedical professionals about client’s needs and concerns
  8. Makes scheduled or unscheduled visits with clients to perform nursing tasks requested by clients, family members, or office staff
  9. Consults with the staffing manager regarding the supervision of services
  10. Assists staff, caregivers, and clients with problem-solving related to Homewatch CareGivers services.
  11. Consults on matters dealing with the health, safety, and welfare of Homewatch CareGivers clients
  12. Provides training to the clients regarding their own care, when requested
  13. Provides or arranges in-service training to staff and caregivers on health maintenance services
  14. When requested, assesses the skill level of new caregivers and recommends additional training, if necessary
  15. Performs client evaluations when requested, or when mandated by the State or County
  16. Performs the Quality Assurance visits on the above-mentioned cases not less than every 90 days, including taking vital signs
  17. Approves the caregiver assignment in the above-mentioned cases
  18. On-call responsibilities
  19. Any other duty requested to maintain the operations of the business including caregiving duties

Physical Qualifications

  1. Able to work an average of 20-40 hours per week.
  2. Able to bend, climb, stoop, and stand an average of 5 hours per day.
  3. Able to lift 20-30 pounds.
  4. Able to use tools necessary for job.
  5. Able to communicate effectively.

Key performance measures to be reviewed upon hire.

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