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Are You Ready to Age in Place?

Preparing for retirement is a decades-long process that includes careful planning, setting expectations, and investing. If your retirement plan includes aging in place, you'll want to keep reading. 

What Does Aging in Place Mean?

What does it mean to “age in place?” The CDC defines aging in place as “The ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.” Planning to age in place may include receiving services and support as your needs change. This often occurs over a period of time in a person’s life, with the additional goal of maintaining quality of life.

How Many Seniors Want to Age in Place?

Most do. A recent AARP survey found that about 77% of seniors want to stay in their own homes, as opposed to moving into a nursing home, assisted living, or staying with adult children as they age.

With the 65+ age group growing at a rate faster than the total U.S. population, figuring out how and where people will live successfully as they age is more important than ever.

The infographic below explains topics to consider when you or a loved one prefers to live at home for the long term:

  • Social engagement
  • House upkeep
  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Family support
  • Backup help

age in place chart

Why Choose Homewatch CareGivers for Age-in-Place Home Care Support?

An experienced home care provider, like your local Homewatch CareGivers, can offer a helping hand to support you as you age in place. First and foremost, we focus on developing strong relationships with our clients. Our compassionate caregivers offer flexible scheduling for a wide range of services. We can develop a care plan tailored to your unique, occasional aging-in-place needs, and we’ll adjust that plan as your assistance requirements change.

Aging in place is a wonderful way to remain in the home you love and retain independence. For some, occasional home care makes aging in place possible. For others, it simply makes it more comfortable and enjoyable.

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