Tips for Gardening as Summer Begins

With the start of summer, many people benefiting from in-home care want to get out of the house and into the garden. It is important for the family member or professional caregiver to understand that many of the people they help have a habit of working in the garden every year – it’s something they’ve done their entire lives.

Here's how you can make this a safe activity while letting them enjoy an annual tradition:

1. Plan to learn a little about gardening by participating in this activity with them. Not only are you there to help, but they might feel purposeful in teaching you a thing or two.

2. Arthritis and other chronic conditions can make it difficult for someone to use their garden tools if their hands shake or they just have pain. Don't take over for them; offer to help here and there or maybe shop for new tools that can be easier to use. 

3. Make sure that the area is clear for them to walk and move about by raking up old leaves, moving patio furniture, stacking unused pots and more so that the yard is a safe place to be. 

4. Get a hat and sunscreen for both of you. While being in the fresh air and getting some sun rays does have some health benefits, nobody wants a sunburn. 

5. Stay hydrated with refreshing drinks like water with lemon or lime, lemonade, iced tea or juice. 

Quality of life involves maintaining simple pleasures, regardless of age or ability. Caregivers can provided supported assistance to encourage on-going happiness and well-being. 

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