Tips for Gardening as Summer Begins

Tips for Gardening as Summer Begins

With the start of summer, many people benefiting from in-home care want to get out of the house and into the garden. It is important for the caregiver to understand that many of the people they help have a habit of working in the garden every year – it’s something they’ve done their entire lives.

When you bring a senior into the yard, it’s probably not something they can do by themselves. Be prepared to spend the day with them. Their hands may shake or be unsteady, so you can till up the soil for them and you may not want them to risk hurting themselves with sharp tools. While it is important to let those with a green thumb enjoy it, it’s just as important to be careful and take things slow.

There is also a huge upside to getting someone out into the garden and putting a spade in their hand. It will be very liberating for all members of the family and provide that essential dose of vitamin D. The sunshine can bring smiles all around – but don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat.

Some gardeners may also be learning how to work with their vegetables and flowers again after a new disability has entered their lives. This is a great opportunity to teach an older person to adapt to their new life, while showing them that not everything has to change.

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