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When Your Aging Parent Moves in With You- Thing to Consider

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As they grow older, many aging parents may wish to age at home. As they need more and more help however, moving into their child’s home is a change that may be more comfortable and safer for them than staying in their own home alone.

While this has many benefits, such as convenience for you, it can also have a few drawbacks. Before you move your parents in with you here are a few things you need to consider.

Consider their care needs

Help with hot meals and help in case of falls isn’t always the only help your aging parent may need. Parents can require a considerable amount of help that you may not be prepared for. This is particularly the case with their increasing medical needs.

Before you bring your parent into your own home, it may be worth giving their current doctor a call. You can ask them about what their needs might be, and find out if moving them into your own home is a safe and likely option.

What is your relationship with your parents?

Not everyone has a rosy relationship with their parents. If you usually leave family gatherings glad that they’re only for the holidays, moving your parents into your home may cause contention and added stress on the relationship.

If you get along well however, not only can moving your parents into your home strengthen those bonds, it may give them a chance to enjoy their grandchildren and your presence more.

How well do you communicate?

Even when you and your parents get along great, miscommunication can lead to uncomfortable and even embarrassing situations. It’s important to be clear about expectations before your parents come into your home. This includes things like whether an area of the home is private or public, who is in charge of what caretaking chores in the family, and whether your parents are expected to help with rent and other financial aspects of moving in.

If you and your parents communicate well with each other, this can help you and them financially, but if communicating is not something either one of you are well known for, it can lead to some rather uncomfortable moments.

Will you be able to maintain your social life?

One of the other considerations that may seem trivial is whether you will still be able to see your friends, relax after work, and unwind if your parents are in your home. Although you might tell yourself this consideration is unimportant, burnout can lead to reduced care for your parents as well as a lot of potential problems for yourself.

Moving your parents into your home can be a wonderful way to enjoy their golden years, or a stressful situation that you may or may not have seen coming. Even the best of parents can be difficult to live with if their needs can’t be met or they don’t communicate well.

If you can foresee some potential roadblocks by moving your parents in with you, it may be worth seeking the support of a professional caregiver to help ease the load and carry some of the burden. This will still give you time to still enjoy some of your favorite activities and focus on your own family, all while taking care of your aging parent. Having an outside caregiver come in your home to care for your parent can be one of the best things you can do to help you enjoy the remainder of the time with your parents.

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