Benefits of Home Care for Veterans

veteran saluting in a wheelchair

When we think of veterans, we often think about the sacrifices they have made for our country. Whenever injustices have occurred against our country, veterans have been called to right those wrongs.

Veterans can span a wide age range, from our youngest veterans who fought in Afghanistan, all the way back to the World War II veterans who may still be alive.

Our veterans were there when we needed them most, but often they end up needing help themselves. When that time comes, our Ellicott City caregivers are proud to let them age gracefully in their homes or continue their lives easily after injury. Here are just a few of the ways our caregivers can help benefit veterans in need.

Help with basic household chores

As people get older, it can sometimes be much harder to keep up with basic cleaning than it was in the past. Dishes can pile up because it may be too hard to wash them, or there might not be any food in the house at all because it’s too hard to go shopping.

A caregiver can be the helping hand in life that provides these essential tasks. With a little household help, a warm meal and a clean kitchen will be easier to come by.

Help getting to and from appointments

Many veterans suffer from injuries that make it difficult or impossible to drive. Other veterans have simply gotten older and no longer feel safe driving. Our caregivers are happy to help you keep your appointments, driving you where you need to go on time.

Caregivers can also help with the errands, so if it isn’t somewhere you need or want to go to, you can stay in the comfort of your home while these tasks are done.

Help with basic hygiene

Hygiene can be a struggle as you get older. When you’re not able to look and feel your best, it can make you feel too embarrassed to see your friends or family. No one wants to feel isolated and alone. A caregiver can help you maintain your standard of cleanliness, so you can feel your best when you see your friends and family again.


Sometimes one of the hardest parts of getting older or being less mobile is loneliness. When our friends have passed on or are not able to travel as much, this often means spending long periods of time alone.

A caregiver coming in to check on that person every day can help ease the loneliness, and provide something beyond care. They can help provide the caring companionship from one fellow human being to another, that everyone needs.

Our veterans have done so much for us. They have protected our country, defended our freedom, and shown our country the greatest possible love. When it’s time for them to need help, our Ellicott City caregivers are glad to support them and give them the help they need to live as normal a life as possible.

For more information, please contact the home care experts at Homewatch Caregivers of Ellicott City today. It’s a pleasure for us to serve our veterans.

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