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Caregiver of the Month- Ilvia Dor

By Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange

When Ilvia learned that she was selected as Caregiver of the Month, her reaction was, “Wow, Thank you so much.” She appreciated being recognized for the work that she does, and the work that she loves. Ilvia came to this country from Haiti and still has some cousins there, but she is very happy that most of her family is closer.

Before becoming a home health care aide, Ilvia had a security job, but then she decided to get her CHHA license, and she has been working in this field for almost ten years. She knew she wanted to care for people. “I love this job”, is what Ilvia has to say about her work. “I enjoy all the things I do.” Over the years, Ilvia recognized that each person she worked with was different, but she always enjoyed her job. Only once, the person she cared for daily, suddenly didn’t recognize Ilvia and didn’t want her there. Her client had changed and threatened Ilvia. The fact that her client didn’t know her was difficult to handle. Despite that experience, Ilvia feels that God always wanted her to do this kind of work. “I pray every morning before I start work”, explained Ilvia and this helps her always find ways to make things work out positively. “My clients love me, and I love them too.”

Ilvia worked at other agencies before joining Homewatch Caregivers almost 2 years ago. She has been with the same client in Livingston since she began at Homewatch and has also stepped in to help with other clients in Essex County. “I love my patient. I know her and understand her needs. I blend her food to make it easy for her and even when I am not going to be there, I prepare her food ahead of time so she has what she is used to when someone else is with her. She knows she can depend on me.” About Ilvia, that client says, “She’s my buddy.”

Despite this past year of Covid, Ilvia reports that it was a good year for her. Her children and family members had less colds and were less sick overall. She and her client stayed well. Now that is a positive outlook.

Working with Homewatch CareGivers has also been positive for Ilvia. She says her interaction with the office is always good. “Whenever I call the office, they respond so nicely, friendly and respectful. When I say I need something, they tell me to come and get it. They always want to be helpful.