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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “Homewatch Caregivers is simply amazing. I had been struggling to manage the safety and overall well-being of my sweet but elderly mother. For the past few years I've been working closely with the Homewatch team and it made all the difference. This has been a challenging situation and the team at Homewatch was my co-pilot in succesfully naviating a whole range of tough issues - and we've got her back in a nice spot. Homewatch has a deeo network of skilled pros to pull from, and are flexible to modify arrangements as needed and things evolve. The are great at being responsive, always communicating quickly and clearly - and they even have someone always on call 24x7 when something urgent arises. The coaching, advice, support and proactivity of Homewatch is really fantastic. Through this entire journey they keep my mother's health and safety at the center of everything. Hard to put into words how much I've depended on Homewatch. Stacey, Jessica and the entire team have meant so much to me and my mother - hard to express it into words - it means everything. Thank you!!!”
    - Paul Gottsegen
  • “My 93 year old mother spent all her days in our home, seeing only us, since COVID changed all our lives. She truly saw only my husband and me. I was busy working from home. I had only small pockets of time to visit and keep her company. She was lonely. We located an excellent assisted living facility close by and were just waiting for seniors to get their vaccine. After her first vaccine, she stayed at home with us for one week, and moved her in, knowing she would quarantine at the assisted living facility for two weeks. She tested negative entering the facility and tested positive about 5 days later-while in quarantine! No one else there tested positive. This was in January of 2021. She spent one week in the hospital, and three weeks at an outpatient rehab facility. My mother’s COVID symptoms were mild flu-like symptoms, but most worrisome, she simply went catatonic. She couldn’t walk and had that brain fog which looked more like extreme Alzheimer’s symptoms. She had difficulty responding to any questions or directions. I had her evaluated for hospice. She needed help with every aspect of her life 24/7. She needed Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange. We were given a few caregivers, and the one that was her primary, Elena, I attribute to bringing her from a catatonic state to slowly snapping out of this apathetic, unresponsive state. Elena sent me videos of the drastic change that was taking place. My mother was dancing and feeding herself. I affirm that Elena’s patience and professional watchful care helped bring her back to us in the middle of May 2021. When Elena needed some personal time, each of the substitute caregivers delivered professional, caring, trustworthy care, and I knew she was in good care. We developed a care plan together with the assisted living facility to carefully wean my mother back to depending completely on the care our assisted living facility could offer. We hope to celebrate Mom’s 94th birthday in about 2 weeks. She’s going to ask for her champagne! Thank you to Homewatch Care Givers.”
    - Geri Weinberg-Buchoff
  • “Homewatch people are friendly, good and understanding. They answer your questions. They give you time when you reach out to them. They call to see how I am doing. They are concerned people; checking to make sure I am okay. It is like I joined a family.”
    - Nicalica
  • “Because like me, Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange cares and knows people need help in everyday life. I give thanks to work at Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange.”
    - Sharon R.
  • “With over 35 years of health care experience I can say Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange is a special place to me. Homewatch is a special company that takes special interest in the well-being and development of their employees. They have given me the opportunity to utilize my experience while also equipping me with tools to enhance them. Homewatch has also maintained a strong relationship that makes me feel at home. Homewatch ensures that as they grow, you grow.”
    - Thelma B.
  • “Working at Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange as a caregiver is an uplifting experience. This company does not treat their caregivers as a number, rather a caregiver is treated as a member of the Homewatch family. Like any family, they provide guidance and reliability to their caregivers. As such, this provides me a sense of fulfillment and gratitude to work for this company.”
    - Sueann G.
  • “Homewatch Caregivers of South Orange have provided us with aides that are above and beyond our expectations. All the aides that have serviced (and are serving) my parents are caring, compassionate, competent, understanding and responsible. I know that my responsibilities are lighter because of Homewatch Caregivers. The responsiveness of the office, the assistance from the social workers and nurses, and attention to every request make the experience much easier. Definitely the absolute best!”
    - Marcia S.