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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “We have been using Homewatch Caregivers for almost 4 years. We consider Marcia, our main caregiver, a part of our family and quite frankly a true gift. We struggled for a while after our father died to care for mom but as her dementia progressed, it only became more difficult. Enter Homewatch and Marcia and our lives were forever changed for the better. She handles our mother with such care, love, respect, and integrity, that it's as if she is caring for her own mother. The bond between them now is amazing. And we are forever grateful. We more recently were introduced to Rosamond, who handles every other weekend, and knew immediately we found the perfect sub. She is cheery and warm and treats mom with the utmost respect. The fact that we can trust that Mom is well cared for and always in good hands is truly such a relief. Thank you to the team at Homewatch!”
    - Jennifer Cascio
  • “I have been using Homewatch Caregivers for the past 4+ years for my 97 year old mom who has dementia. Since I live in another state, it is very important to me that the people caring for my mom are kind, dependable, compassionate and understand the ups and downs of what a person with dementia goes through. My mom has four caregivers (Angella, Charmone, Linda and Melonie). Her day caregivers (Angella and Charmone) help make her days as cheerful and happy as possible. They prepare her meals, help her shower, help her get dressed, and attend to all of her needs on any given day. She can be a little stubborn at times, and all of her caregivers know that if you give her space, she will always come around and I appreciate that so much. I promised my mom many years ago that she could live out her life in her own home, and moving her closer to me simply wasn't an option. I highly recommend Homewatch Caregivers because even though I speak with my mom every day, I could not have the peace of mind that I do if her caregivers were not always on top of things. I am very happy that I have been able to fulfill my promise to my mom with the help of of the wonderful women who take care of her 24/7.”
    - Stephanie Mullen
  • “The daily care that our caregiver, Alicia, exudes on a daily basis is beyond the norm. She cares for both my 90 year old uncle and 88 year old aunt with such patience and compassion that leaves us feeling secure in knowing they are in the very best hands! Alicia is a blessing. She goes above and beyond in her daily care and compassion.”
    - Marie Corvelli
  • “At 90 years of age our Mom is still able to live comfortably and safely in an independent living apartment thanks to the excellent support of our Homewatch caregivers. Dal S., Shirley R., Bola O. and Carlinne E. work as a team to make sure Mom has proper nutrition, medication support, exercise and cheerful companionship. They have been extremely reliable and dependable even during the pandemic, following all the necessary safety measures and providing around the clock coverage. We can’t praise them enough.”
    - Bob Lasser
  • “For the past three years Rachel, with the support of Home Watch Caregivers has taken exceptional care of my 94 year old mother in law. It is important for you to understand that my mother in Law has always been the most lovely human being( inside and out) - kind and generous, beautiful and stylish. Since her body no longer keeps up with her attributes, Rachel has consistently made her feel like her old self. She cares for her every need. In addition to her health needs, she makes sure things like polishing her nails, combing her hair, dressing her like a super model and having The NY Times always available for “reading” are priorities. If she cannot chew something she likes, Rachel will chop it up and make sure it’s there for her to eat easily. It’s truly a blessing having Rachel there and knowing the nurse and full staff at Homewatch is there to support her. We are forever grateful.”
    - Jeri Karpen
  • “Cybil is a real go getter. She picked up the routine in a day. She executes it competently, efficiently and independently, without the need for us to supervise. She is extremely diligent in anticipating Mom's every need. She exhibits warmth, concern and compassion for Mom. She keeps us updated on Mom's daily activities. She is a treasure!”
    - Kelly Sullivan
  • “Homewatch caregivers ( Elvira ) have been caring for my Mom 87yr old for almost 3 years now. My mother needs care with all aspects of her day and Elvira & Homewatch have been very carefully helping my Mother with day to day needs. Over these past several years the care has been excellent. Homewatch has been able to maintain a consistent level of care for my Mom.”
    - Kevin S
  • “My mom's caregiver, Carlin Campbell-Moulton has been my mom's live-in caregiver for I'm guessing at least five years now (the time goes so fast). She is dedicated, hardworking and treats my mom as if she were her own. Carlin has truly become part of our family. I am so grateful for Homewatch and especially Carlin. Homewatch is a wonderful agency.”
    - Danielle Jadkowski
  • “We have been extremely pleased with the quality of care and the responsiveness of the whole Home Watch team. We are so fortunate that our aide, Sylvia S., has provided consistent, attentive care for our mom, through several serious health issues. Home Watch has been a real partner to our family, in ensuring that all of our sometimes changing needs were met. We highly recommend the agency for anyone seeking to find reliable health aides for family members.”
    - Judy DiClemente