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Caregivers of the Month- Angella Thompson and Yandjiline Saint Louis

By Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange

Angella Thompson

Angella lived in Jamaica and worked in farming raising chickens and yams. She came here to join her daughter and grandchildren. She explains that when she lived in Jamaica, “I loved to help the older people, so when I came here, that feeling pushed me to become a certified home health aide.” She has been an aide for two years and has been with the same client for the past 9 months in Union and has also worked with clients in Livingston and Short Hills.

Angella has been a home health aide for two years and has been with Homewatch all two years. “Sometimes the work is a little hard, but I always try to have patience with my clients, make them happy, talk to them and have a good relationship with them. This helps us work together. I also try to be a calming force in the home. “

“I started working right before Covid so sometimes it hard to deal with. At the beginning I never wanted to go out; just stay in and stay safe, but after a while I decided I had to work and do whatever I could to protect those around me. And thank God, we made it to now.”

Angella concludes that Homewatch CareGivers is a good agency. “When I came here, I heard about the way the agency treats the caregivers. When I came in, they made me feel like I knew them for a long time. It felt like a family.”

Yandjiline Saint Louis

When Yandjiline was notified that she was selected as the hourly caregiver of the month, she responded with laughter and exclaimed, “Oh my God, I’m so happy. I’ve been hoping and waiting for it. This is such good news I thank you so much.”

Yandjiline was born in Haiti and came here in 2007 to find a better life. She joined many members of her family here in NJ though she still has her mom, and others back in Haiti.

For about 11 years Yandjiline worked as a CNA. “I used to care for people in Haiti and I liked being a caregiver. It’s a job I like to do.” As a CNA she worked in a nursing home and then decided to become a CHHA. Yandjiline learned about Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange from the CHHA school she attended. She began working with Homewatch in August of 2019 and cared for clients in West Orange and West Caldwell. Just a few months after starting with Homewatch, Covid-19 hit our area. “It was a very stressful time for all of us. In order to stay calm, I practiced deep breathing and did yoga at home. It is so much better now that I am vaccinated, and my family members are too.”

About her work, Yandjiline explained, “Even though it is sometimes difficult to be a home health aide, most of my patients love me and I love them. It isn’t about the money. It’s about the care and love I give. Now I work with one client in Livingston.” Yandjilene explained that patience is an important aspect of her job. She says you need to recognize that each person you work with is different. You need to learn to accept them for who they are and do what they want you to do, and sometimes you need to guide them to do what is best for them.