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Springtime Activities for Caregivers

HWCG Infographic Spring Activities 875702730Springtime Activities for Caregivers

Spring is calling and it wants you outside and enjoying life!

We’ve put together this fun infographic with some springtime activities for family or professional caregivers to do with the person that they care for and want to have some fun with.


Taking a walk together.

Even for those who are living with mobility issues, getting outside while assisted by a caregiver can be good for everyone. A change of scenery with new flowers and clear skies can be refreshing and invigorating.

A caregiver can make sure appropriate clothing and shoes are worn, that water and a snack are brought along, and that hat or sunscreen are on hand in the light of day.

Visiting a local farmer’s market.

People tend to have stories to share about food so this can be a real conversation starter as you stroll past what’s in season and talk about what you might make to eat together.

A caregiver can bring a shopping bag and carry any purchases as well as provide transportation to and from the market.

Tackling some spring cleaning chores.

Cleaning is always better with at least two people, isn’t it? Whether it’s decluttering and reorganizing, sweeping and mopping, or tidying up the garden beds, make this the season of clean(er).

A caregiver can help with lifting items, setting up giveaway pick up service, and light housekeeping tasks.

Visiting a local museum.

Not all spring days are sunny so add something indoors to your schedule and learn about history or art as you explore.

A caregiver can provide transportation and assistance with mobility in the museum.

As a caregiver, you can help to alleviate feelings of helplessness, boredom and loneliness that can accompany life at advanced age or with a chronic condition. This is achieved by trying new things that take into consideration a person’s unique preferences and current abilities and then joining them to ensure safety and engagement.

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