Patients with HIV/AIDS Growing Older

Patients with HIV/AIDS Growing Older

September has several days where many taken a moment to pay tribute to those who continue to live with HIV/AIDS and those who have lost the battle. However, more people are winning the fight.

In late July 2012, a hospital in Boston announced that two men who had HIV for years may now be free of the disease after each received stem cell transplants. Researchers found that as the patients' cells were replaced by cells from the stem cell donor over time, evidence of HIV in the patients' blood tests disappeared.

Doctors also believe another man living in Berlin, Germany was cured of the virus after a stem cell blood transplant.

Because of the advancement in treatments for HIV/AIDS, experts believe that within the next eight years, more than half of all Americans with the disease are likely to be over 50. In the U.S., an estimated 1.2 million people live with the disease.

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