National Discussion on the Transition from Hospital to Home

National Discussion on the Transition from Hospital to Home

Homewatch CareGivers works very hard to limit the number of problems that can take place when a person transitions from a hospital or rehabilitation facility to home. By keeping care transitions smooth and safe, it delivers the level of quality care that you and your loved one deserve.

According to Jette R. Hogenmiller, PhD, MN, APRN, Executive Director of Quality and Outcomes for Homewatch CareGivers, caregivers can use their skills to help staff at hospitals and rehabilitation facilities continue care after a person’s discharge. By partnering together, home care agencies can share information with health care providers. This gives these health care providers an extra set of eyes and ears in their patient’s home and can keep them updated on the day-to-day progress of a patient. By working together, Homewatch CareGivers and health care providers can provide better overall care for those who need it.

On Sept. 11, 2013 at noon ET, Dr. Hogenmiller is participating as part of a panel of experts in a Case in Point Webinar called “From Hospital to Home: Achieving Enhanced Transitions.” It is $329 per location to register. She will discuss how strong relationships between health care providers and home care agencies can lead to a healthier road for many people, helping them avoid hospitalizations.

Jette Hogenmiller

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