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How to Keep Mom Aging Safely at Home

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For many people, keeping mom safe in the comfort of the home she has lived in for years is important to them. They may not want her to have to go to an unfamiliar care facility. This big dream is manageable, but as your mother ages, plans need to be made to keep her safe.

Reducing falls

The number one risk for older people is a fall in the home. Falls frequently result in broken hips or other damage that is difficult to recover from at an advanced age. Although it’s impossible to completely fall-proof a home, many common hazards can be removed to reduce the risk of falling.

Take the time to walk through each room of the house and look for things like raised mantels, furniture that sticks out, or uneven ground. Furniture should be moved if it may pose a trip hazard, and raised mantels repaired so that they no longer pose a trip hazard.

Handles along beds, in the bathtub, and any other slippery areas can also be helpful in making sure your mom can get up and down easily in these areas.

Make Your Home Smarter

If your mom does fall, how will she get help? A life alert can help her so that if she falls and can’t get up, she can get help right away. There are also many other smart home technologies that can help make things more convenient.

As an example, a device such as Alexa might make it easier for an elderly person with tremors to call people, help them to remember appointments, and even turn the TV on.

A smart home can help make it easier to live with problems caused by aging and extend how long your mom can safely stay in the home.

Budget for Help

At some point, it’s likely you will need additional help for your mother as she ages. It may be that your own medical problems or other responsibilities prevent you from assisting her in some ways. It may be that she needs 24-hour care and you have to work.

If you know finances will be difficult, it’s possible you may be able to get financial assistance to help with costs. There are many programs out there that can help. It may be wise to research financial assistance should you need it, to see what your mother may qualify for.

Home care help can greatly improve the quality of life your mother experiences in her home. A professional caregiver can help ease loneliness, aid in getting your mom to appointments, help prepare meals, and much more. If you’re struggling to keep up with your mother’s growing needs involving her care, a caregiver can be a great help.

Your mom deserves the best. If she wishes to stay in her home in her twilight years, and it is safe for her to do so, then working hard to ensure her home is safe so she can age in place, may be worthwhile exploring. These steps will help make her home safer, so she can enjoy it for as long as possible.

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