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Homewatch CareGivers Celebrates our Nurses this National Nurses Week 2022

Nurses do so much for so many; from giving vaccinations and boosters, delivering babies, assisting with life-threatening health crises, to attending to the elderly and their families at the end of life. They are essential healthcare workers who serve as front line and first point of contact for most patients.

National Nurses Week honors their contributions and reminds us to thank those who keep us healthy. The week began May 6th, National Nurses Day, through May 12th, the birthdate of Florence Nightingale who laid the foundation for professional nursing in the 1850s. She introduced hygiene protocols and other measures that remain the basis for reduced infection and death, till today.

Meet our Homewatch Nursing staff:

Stacey Chusid, Director of Nursing – has been a nurse 37 years and with Homewatch for nine. She began her career at Columbia Presbyterian and NYU hospitals with specialty areas in pediatrics, urology, and dermatology. She worked in a medical office and as a school nurse while raising her family and the last 12 years in home care. Stacey values helping clients remain in the comfort of their homes and making a difference in their lives, “Knowing that my knowledge, touch, voice, and time can help a client and family feel comfortable and cared for; knowing I have eased a person’s worry or fear makes everything worthwhile,” explains Stacey.

Deborah Ginefra has been a nurse 38 years. At Saint Barnabas Hospital she worked in medical, surgical, pulmonary, and infectious diseases. She practiced school nursing while raising her four children and was the nurse at Saint James the Apostle School in Springfield. Debbie started working at Homewatch CareGivers in 2015, a change from school age children. She acquired a special appreciation for the elderly population. “I love that the nurse considers the physical, social, and emotional care of the senior,” Debbie explained, “The job actually found me.”

Being a nurse is an outgrowth of her life of caring for people, just “Dial a Debbie”. Debbie works with seniors in their homes and residential facilities. “I am not a replacement for family, but I get close to my clients, which brings me great satisfaction.

Karen Frank RN and Director of Education has spent all 40 years of her nursing career in home care. Karen added her nursing degree to her BA in Psych and knew she was most interested in forming relationships with her patients, so home care was it! Her first years were as a visiting maternal and pediatric nurse in underserved populations and then began her trek up the lifespan to older adults. Karen has been leading virtual and recently, in-person workshops to senior groups in the community and teaches Wise Aging. Karen explained, “When my interest in pastoral care led to training in a spiritual direction, I knew I had more skills and tools to deepen my nursing practice.” Karen’s satisfaction is being able to provide people with kindness, compassion and respect while allowing clients to remain in the comfort of their homes.

Karen just celebrated ten years at Homewatch CareGivers. “While I never thought working for a “for profit” could bring the amount of satisfaction it does, I frankly think the integrity and intention of the owner makes it work by creating a truly caring place for clients, office staff and caregivers alike”, explains Karen.

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