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    • A woman with white hair and glasses and a man with white hair and a beard look at a laptop screen.
      Online Safety Tips for Seniors

      Internet safety for seniors is important so that they can safely and securely communicate regularly with others and possibly do more activities online such as reading the latest news, checking their health care portal, and more.

    • A woman holds an item of clothing while she crouches in front of two bins, labeled “donate” and “keep.”
      Tips for Helping an Elderly Loved One Declutter Their Home

      Seniors planning to age in place or considering downsizing may need to declutter their homes. Find out how you can help with this often overwhelming process.

    • A white-haired woman paints colorful leaves on a canvas in her living room.
      10 Great Hobbies for Seniors

      Hobbies add joy and a sense of accomplishment to our lives. Check out these fun hobbies for seniors. They can be done at home and aren’t expensive to start.

    • A younger man with dark hair and an older man with gray hair sit at a table talking. They each have a white cup in front of them on the table.
      Elderspeak and How to Avoid It

      Elderspeak can be well-meaning baby talk when someone speaks to an older adult. Learn how to avoid it and why.

    • An elderly Black man in a wheelchair cooks at a stove in a cozy-looking kitchen with light yellow walls.
      Home Modifications for Aging in Place

      There is a big gap between the percentage of people who want to age in place and the homes that are ready for someone to successfully age in their existing home. See if you're ready.

    • Springtime Activities for Caregivers Photo
      Springtime Activities for Caregivers

      We’ve put together this fun infographic with some springtime activities for family or professional caregivers to do with the person that they care for and want to have some fun with.

    • A woman sits next to her elderly mother not talking.
      When Caregiving Gets Awkward

      As an adult son, daughter, spouse, or even grandchild, you want to help a loved one when they become ill or their abilities change as the result of natural aging. But are there some things that you would prefer a professional caregiver do instead?

    • A woman puts her hand to her head and closes her eyes.
      How to Manage Caregiver Stress

      Everyone experiences stress at some point in their life, but what is stress? And why does it impact well-being? And how can caregivers decrease their stress?

    • A woman embraces her elderly mother’s shoulders. They are seated and looking at each other.
      The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

      Concerned about hearing loss and dementia? Learn the surprising link and how hearing loss interventions can help.

    • A young man tests his blood sugar. His concerned wife looks on in the background.
      How You Can Support a Person Living with Diabetes

      There are many ways to support a loved one who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Learn about lifestyle and everyday tips for offering at-home diabetes care.

    • A man in a yellow shirt holds an oxygen mask to his face while looking out a window.
      What Is Considered a Chronic Condition?

      For someone living with a chronic condition that affects how they can function and perform activities of daily living, a professional in-home caregiver can provide relief for them or a family member who needs to take care of themselves.

    • An older Asian woman with grey hair looks out of a window.
      How to Fight Loneliness

      Often elders can feel lonely as life changes with age can reduce social circles and opportunities for engaging with others regularly. Whatever the age, surveys show that loneliness is increasing in society.

    • holding hands
      Is That Grief You're Feeling?
    • Conquering Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom with Home Care
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    • Now is the Time for Estate Planning

      Experts recommend estate planning before a crisis hits. Read one person's story in this article.

    • The word Medicare.
      Medicare, Medicaid, and Home Care

      The opportunity to use Medicaid to pay for in-home care will depend first on meeting the qualifications and then the state in which the person needing care resides.

    • An elderly woman holds her head in her hand as she looks at the computer.
      The Most Popular Scams Targeting the Elderly (and Prevention Tips)

      Although people of any age can be taken advantage of by thieves and scammers, research shows that people over the age of 60 are among the most vulnerable; people over 80 are at even higher risk for financial exploitation, according to Consumer Affairs.

    • A female caregiver helps an elder woman cook in the kitchen.
      10 Healthy Meals for Seniors That Are Quick and Easy to Make

      Eating right is important at every age. However, as bodies age the ability to maintain a healthy diet can be challenged. We share 10 easy and healthy meal suggestions for seniors.

    • Tips for Maintaining Cardiovascular Health

      February is National Heart Health Month. Here are four ways that a caregiver or anyone taking care of a loved one can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    • Anti-inflammatory fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish laid out on a gray countertop.
      Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Seniors

      There are many benefits of anti-inflammatory diets for seniors. Learn which foods your senior loved one can enjoy that reduce inflammation.

    • Mother's Day Gifts and Activities for Seniors
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    • Safety Precautions: What It Means
    • A person holds on to a grab bar in a bathroom.
      The 4 Most Surprising Bathroom Hazards for the Elderly

      Bathrooms can be perilous, especially for people who are elderly or living with a chronic condition that can make slips and falls more likely. The good news is that simple safety measures can be put in place to make bathrooms safer for everyone.

    • Kitchen Safety Tips for Seniors

      The kitchen can be a dangerous place for anyone, but several kitchen hazards are noted concerns for seniors. Learn how to keep your aging loved ones safe.

    • A young woman pats an older man on the shoulder as he sits on the couch.
      National Stress Awareness Month: Ways to Support Caregivers

      Looking for ways to reduce your stress as a caregiver? We've got several tips to help!

    • A young woman places her arm around her elderly mother who appears to be in distress.
      Causes of Negative Thinking: How to Help Your Elder Loved One

      The physical and mental challenges that come with aging can intensify the likelihood of negative thoughts. Here are four ways to help you cope with elderly negative thinking.

    • An infographic illustrates how the chickenpox virus reactivates to cause shingles later in life.
      Can Stress Cause Shingles?

      Ouch! Shingles can be extremely painful. Stress can be one trigger for the infection. Learn about the connection between shingles and stress.

    • A man in a cozy sweater sits on a sofa with his grandchildren.
      8 Facts About Strokes

      Learn facts about strokes, including the types, symptoms, and recovery. Know the FAST signs and how Homewatch CareGivers can support your loved one.