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Spring Cleaning Guide for Caregivers

There can be many reasons that keeping the house clean and tidy becomes harder for some people: as people age, abilities change and lugging the vacuum out or climbing a stepladder can become risky; chronic conditions can make ordinary tasks like washing dishes or doing a load of laundry exhausting; family caregivers may just be overwhelmed with a long to-do list and getting fresh towels folded and put away, trash removed promptly, and more becomes less  of a priority. 

Click here for the Authority Brands Spring Cleaning Guide with tips from our sister brands and us to make tackling a few chores do-able:

1. The fact is that messy home environments can be dangerous for the elderly and those who are living disabilities and illness. Get a falls risk assessment and consider hiring a professional caregiver to help with light housekeeping. Learn more about safety risks here

2. Remove those hard water stains with these tips from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

3. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning tells you how to improve air quality in the home.

4. Prepare your electrical systems for spring with Mister Sparky tips. 

5. For dog owners, don't step into the backyard this spring until DoodyCalls has come by to clean up pet waste.

6. Concerned about fire, mold, and water damage? Stop Restoration has suggestions to mitigate these home disasters.

7. Eco-clean with The Cleaning Authority's green cleaning methods. 

8. Learn about The 7 T's of mosquito control with Mosquito Squad.

9. Head outside for tree and pool maintenance with Monster Tree Service and America's Swimming Pool Company

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