American Heart Month After Surgery Tips

American Heart Month After Surgery Tips

Undergoing heart surgery is a traumatic endeavor, and with as much planning and preparing as it takes going into the surgery, it is equally important to have a well prepared game plan for coming home.

Where to Start

Try creating a checklist of the things you will need and schedule help in the weeks prior to your surgery.

When you get home, it is likely that the first thing you will want to do is bathe.

Be prepared that you will need assistance with bathing and getting dressed afterward. Have all your bathing items ready to go, as well as comfortable pair of clothing (button up tops are best) loose enough to put over your bandages.

Set aside blankets and pillows to prop yourself up and alleviate any stress to your chest. Also consider having a friend, or an in-home caregiver around to help you travel home safely, pick up any prescriptions, and help set you up for comfort once you’re home.

The Goal

Having an extra pair of hands can smooth your transition and alleviate extra stress. Most importantly, remember to stay positive and encouraging throughout the process.

For more information on heart health, visit the American Heart Association

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