Getting Out of the House to Give Back

Getting Out of the House to Give Back

August generally sees the start of the school year, but other things begin then as well. Many service-based organizations start running their events and they are always looking for help.

While an older person may not be able to lift heavy boxes or drive a forklift – these organizations are always looking for helping hands. Just because people reach the age of 55 or older, it doesn’t mean they suddenly want to stop giving back.

An older person often has lots of idle time on their hands and volunteering can give them a good way to fill that time. There are many things they can help with – teach a child to read, greet people at the door, or answer the phone with a smile.

Giving a senior the chance to give back helps reconnect them with the world and gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

To find possible volunteer opportunities, contact one of your many local service organizations.

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