Public Health Starts with You

Public Health Starts with You

Each year the American Public Health Association promotes National Public Health Week in partnership with local health providers. ​One past theme ​was “Public Health: Start Here” and each day there was a specific topic and local events to attend across the country.

“The public health system that keeps our communities healthy and safe is changing as technologies advance, public attitudes toward health shift and more health and safety options become available through policy changes such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA),” stated Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association about this year’s theme. “Public health professionals are the guides of this system, helping our communities navigate the many choices along the way.”

Get Started

The idea with the theme of “Start Here” is that public health begins at the individual level and in the individual home with the individual’s own family so that there is a ripple effect of good health in their greater community. For example, ​one week began with “Be healthy from the start” and provided information on maternal health and school nutrition. Public health professionals have partnered with the American Public Health Association and created local events to help educate their community members on these topics with instructional videos, support groups and more.

Past events related to the following topics:

  • Don’t Panic. Disaster preparedness in the home and in the community.
  • Get Out Ahead. Preventive health measures.
  • Eat Well. Understand food labels.
  • Be the Healthiest Nation in One Generation. Reverse the trend of an unhealthy generation.

Go Local

Local events can be found on theNational Public Health Week website. ​Dozens of events ​are held across the country this week and they can be found on the website with complete addresses, times and details.

If there are no local events in your area, join ​a Twitter chat. The Twitter chat is an opportunity to engage with public health advocates and discuss important issues related to public health system transformation. Follow NPHW @NPHW to learn more.

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