Coping and Caregiving

  • Is That Grief You're Feeling?

    Experts tell us that grief can happen for all kinds of loss and this past spring has led to a lot of change in everyone’s life and therefore loss for people across the globe.

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  • Need a Little Inspiration?

    We are regularly creating bits of inspiration for caregivers and their families, imagining a knowing smile or even a share with a friend to laugh or shed a tear. If you see a post here that you like, click and download.

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  • Meaningful v. Meaningless Activity

    Let’s take a look at the difference between meaningful and it’s opposite, meaningless. In caregiving, it's important to create opportunities for meaningful activity.

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  • Dementia and COVID-19

    Caring for someone who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia can be challenging, and even more so during significant changes to their structure and routines during a pandemic.

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  • Read All About It: Caregiving for Dads

    If caring for your elderly father is new to you, there might be comfort in a book or movie about the topic. Check out our list here.

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  • New to Caregiving for a Loved One?

    Becoming a family caregiver can happen suddenly, without planning or preparation by either party. Elder care isn't intuitive for everyone so check these tips for your caregiving at home situation.

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