how to manage caregiver stress

  • Dementia and COVID-19

    Caring for someone who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia can be challenging, and even more so during significant changes to their structure and routines during a pandemic.

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  • Read All About It: Caregiving for Dads

    If caring for your elderly father is new to you, there might be comfort in a book or movie about the topic. Check out our list here.

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  • New to Caregiving for a Loved One?

    Becoming a family caregiver can happen suddenly, without planning or preparation by either party. Elder care isn't intuitive for everyone so check these tips for your caregiving at home situation.

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  • Physical Distancing vs. Social Distancing

    Within this pandemic is a conundrum: how to address the epidemic of loneliness in the midst of the pandemic that is so easily spread from person to person, especially amongst the eldest in populations.

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  • Ageism and Illness

    How we talk to people about illness, age, and even temporary safety guidelines during the pandemic requires sensitivity. Don't be ageist in your effort to protect loved ones.

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  • Beware Scams in the Time of Coronavirus

    Unfortunately, older people are considered one of the most vulnerable populations to serious complications from this virus, and they are also the most likely to be targeted by these thieves. While people are respecting stay-at-home and distancing guidelines, it may leave older loved ones susceptible to these scams.

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