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4 Types of Transportation for Seniors

As people get older, it can be difficult to maintain an active driver’s license. Certain physical limitations can make it unsafe for some seniors to remain behind the wheel. The thought of giving up driving can cause feelings of frustration, fear, or sadness for elderly adults.

To help them cope with this difficult life change, it is important to remind them that there are many options for safe transportation which seniors can take advantage of. Getting older does not mean their days of going places are over. A trip to the grocery store, a visit with friends and going to doctors' appointments or to church, are all things they will still be able to do easily and comfortably.

Here are four forms of transportation to help seniors safely go wherever they may need.

  1. GoGoGrandparent. Seniors who aren’t comfortable navigating transportation apps, such as Uber and Lyft, can enjoy the benefits of GoGoGrandparent. This service is very easy to use because it only requires one call to the company’s landline number. Seniors will be able to receive assistance with a wide variety of needs, including door-to-door rides, meal delivery, grocery delivery, driver/rider match according to your preferences, and 24/7 support. A membership only costs $9.99 a month.
  2. ITNAmerica Rides in Sight. The Independent Transportation Network (ITN) can also be an excellent resource for seniors who need help getting around. Members can open an account and deposit money for rides directly into the account. This makes it easy for family members to help pay for rides as well! ITN drivers are willing to help seniors with walkers, wheelchairs, grocery bags, books or anything else that elderly adults need help carrying. Additionally, if a loved one needs to give up their car completely, they can trade it in and receive rides in exchange.
  3. Public Transportation. Depending on the area a senior lives in, they may have access to a variety of public transportation services, such as buses, light rails, subways and taxis. Public transportation can be a great option for seniors who need help getting from place to place, as long as they live in an area where it’s convenient. One perk of public transportation is that buses and other large vehicles can typically accommodate wheelchairs. Many transportation systems also offer senior discounts or allow you to bring a person without a disability at no charge.
  4. Caregivers. Caregivers can be a wonderful source of transportation for seniors. This option allows older adults to travel with someone they are comfortable with and who can anticipate their needs. A caregiver may already know a senior’s favorite places to go and can easily assist them in getting there. At Homewatch CareGivers, our goal is to help seniors and those in our care remain as independent as possible. Assisting clients by driving them to the grocery store, doctors appointments and movie dates with friends, is just one of many ways that we can help accomplish this, and keep important parts of seniors lives intact.

It is important for seniors to know that just because they are getting older, their life does not need to come to a halt. There are many forms of transportation which will allow them to maintain an active lifestyle and continue doing the things they love.

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