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Caregiver of the Month- Rosemond Ntifo


Rosemond Ntifo came from Ghana and she thought she wanted to become a bilingual secretary. When a family member introduced her to sewing and fashion; making clothing, Rosemond found herself involved in that type of work for a while. Then, two years ago she took the course to become a certified home health aide and came to work for Homewatch CareGivers.

For Rosemond, it felt like the right path. “I have the passion for taking care of the elderly. I helped with my aunt and I remember visiting with my grandmother who I lost many years ago. As a young girl, I was always helping the seniors. I felt like when they were very old, they needed my help. This was instilled in me from Ghana culture. You respect, you love, your help”, explained Rosemond.

Rosemond has been working in South Orange and Irvington most recently. Rosemond has been with one of her clients for some time. “I get satisfaction when I see my work gets done well, and my client gives a smile and says thank you. It makes me feel good. That’s when I know that I am doing a good job, which means everything to me.”

Working for Homewatch CareGivers has been a positive experience for Rosemond. “I’ve come to love them, especially because they have the utmost respect for their caregivers. They care about us a lot and they show it by checking on us and our clients. They are very supportive and have been there for us each and every week. Anyway they can, our staff has been there to support us; with PPE, we don’t lack for anything. I give them a 10; from Larry to everyone who works there. They are all top of the standard.”

These months with covid have been tough not knowing who has it or where it is coming from, but Rosemond said she has learned to appreciate life more while being very cautious. “Now I am extra, extra careful handling things with my family and my clients. Thank goodness we are still here. My faith helps me 100%; I am always asking for guidance”, explained Rosemond.

Rosemond believes that each person leaves a mark on this world, either good or bad. “So why should it not be a good mark. If I do right, I will leave a good mark and I will have a good name. This directs my life. We should always try to love and respect each other, and then the world will be a better place.”

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