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Homewatch Caregivers of South Orange Educates and Encourages Staff to Get Vaccinated

caregiver getting vaccination

Through virtual educational workshops, texts, reminders, videos, and individual calls to each of our caregivers, Homewatch has tried to educate and encourage all our staff to get vaccinated. We are very proud of the fact that over 90 of our caregivers have been, or are scheduled to be, vaccinated. While some caregivers are still worried or hesitant about getting the vaccine, we continue to strive towards our goal of a staff and caregiver roster that is 100% vaccinated.

Working in healthcare, especially with seniors and some of the most vulnerable populations makes us acutely focused on how to keep everyone safe. It has been a scary time for our clients in Essex, Union, Passaic and Morris counties, their families, our staff, their families, and the community. Covid continues to impact our local area. Along with continued adherence to changing CDC recommendations, proper use of PPE and now, the approved vaccines, we have an additional valuable protection. After receiving both vaccines, Larry Aronson, Owner of Homewatch CareGivers explained, “While I can’t speak for everyone, I know that I am sleeping better at night knowing that I am safer, my family is safer, and the people I work with are safer because I am vaccinated.”

Discussions about making the covid vaccine mandatory in companies and offices in order to return to pre-covid functioning are taking place throughout the country. This question is also circulating in home care agencies. Homewatch has been proactive in promoting vaccination knowing that families will be requesting and requiring that home health aides coming to care for their loved ones be vaccinated. Our clients count on us to safely provide the help they need. To that end-, Homewatch has been assisting all staff to schedule appointments and coordinating the logistics required to get the vaccine. The safety of our clients, caregivers and their families continue to be our primary goal.

Homewatch CareGivers is Accredited with Distinction by The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care and was recently named A Leader in Excellence for the seventh consecutive year, as well as Best of Home Care Provider and Employer of Choice. If you or someone you know needs help caring for a loved one in their home or in a residential facility, Homewatch CareGivers is your home care agency of choice. For more information, contact us at (973)810-0110.

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